Finding Treasure…

A recent move had me going through boxes of books I had inherited from my mother. What a surprise to find one named “My Cookbook”  bound in red leather. Little did I know I had found treasure. My mom had her old standby cookbook rebound and had written on every available space her notes and OWN family recipes that were hits. Then stashed it full of recipe cards from others that shared their’s with her.

What a delight it was to see, in her hand, notes that made me laugh, cry and remember growing up in the deep south.

Inside the front cover she had written her hope that whoever got this would cherish it, like she did, or pass it on to someone whom she would like to have called “friend”. That statement is profound as I write about the “foodiefridayfriends” that she knew nothing about.

My gal pal from 3rd grade, who lived next door, told me she would love some of the recipes, but not the butter and sugar sandwich one we used to eat as a snack after school. My brother asked for her Jalapeno Cheese Spread, of which I will share with you if you request it…she would kill me for sharing with you though. She always said, “A southern woman does not share all of her secrets.”

I will spend the weekend reading her handwritten notes in the book and smile, for I have truly found a treasure.

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