May Day May Day…

Scarlett & Robyn have survived COVID19 so far. These Thoroughbroads have found it to be a time to be grateful for the long standing friendships you have. These two have stayed in touch but even more so through wonderful technology during these tough times. It has boosted their spirits and they have even tried virtual cocktailing with other honorary Thoroughbroads. On Wednesdays at 7pm they gather in front of the computers, Ipads, laptops or smart phones and check on each other, share the adult beverage they are enjoying and promise to send those recipes to each other so we can share them with you. So far we have the COVID19 Giggle Juice Recipe:

Lemon wedge, for rimming glasses Sugar, for rimming glasses’ 1 (750-ml) bottle Moscato 3 c. pink lemonade 1can lemon-lime soda 1 c. vodka 2 c. sliced strawberries 1 lemon
Directions: Rim glasses with lemon wedge & dip in sugar. In a large pitcher, stir together Moscato, pink lemonade, soda, vodka, & fruit. Add ice and enjoy 6 feet apart with a straw under your mask.

We have the Social Distancing Dreamsicle Margarita Recipe:

2 ounces of tequila, 3 Ounces of Fresh Orange juice, 1 ounce Triple Sec, 1 BIG scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream per glass…delicious, just don’t distance yourself from the booze, you will want another!

There will be more to come…in the meantime Robyn sent Scarlett a face mask to keep her safe until they can meet up close and “Hug the Hell” out of each other…best thing in life is a BESTIE!facemask

Family Favorites…

While we are “social distancing” from everyone and having to do more cooking for our families like we did in the 80’s, we thought it would be a good time to share a quick story and some recipes from our Welcome Wagon & Newcomer Club Thoroughbroad gal pals.

Scarlett was president of the Louisville Welcome Wagon social group in 1989 & 1990. She loved this gathering of women who had been homemakers most of their lives. Having no children and a husband who traveled during the week, she had not done much cooking over the years living in Savannah … she and another friend basically had the same lifestyle, so they met out for dinner and drinks 4 nights a week. Aw the life. Moving to Louisville changed all of that.

Welcome Wagon came calling and she decided to give it a chance. Scarlett learned how to cook and was befriended by some members who happened to be GREAT cooks, entertained a great deal and therefore became a Thoroughbroad.

After her year as president was fulfilled, she was given a gift from the membership. At the time it was welcomed but she had no idea how many times it would be used after 1990! Louisville Stoneware was a popular local pottery that was found on a great number of Louisville tables, especially during Derby. This large platter has held many a main dish over the years and is treasured…always hand washed so as not to get chipped.


Robyn and Scarlett are providing the recipes from a “Hometown Favorite” luncheon where all members were invited to bring just that..a favorite dish from their favorite town they had lived in at one time.

Hope you all enjoy using them while we are quarantined…and send us your reviews, we would love to know your favorites!



Southern Girls Social Distancing…

As the weeks pass by as we deal with the Corona Virus outbreak, we have found a way to stay in touch without touching. Facebook has been a gift as we are able to share the daily activities, or lack there of via the internet. The Thoroughbroads who are involved in this blog have been sharing adult beverage recipes, drinking various wines, Ginger Beer, Peanut Butter Bourbon & flavored Vodkas. One thing for sure we are sleeping very well…even if it is 3:30 in the afternoon!

Join us as we laugh at these true early cookbook covers from the past….everything old is new again!

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Well March really came in more like a mad grizzly…

While we usually post monthly, we felt we should socially distance a story to remind all to be grateful for your family, your friends, your community and your living in the greatest country in the world. Yes, we are all being required to stay home, and this too shall pass in time. We encourage you to think of Anne Frank and think of what she had to deal with.

July 1942, the Franks went into hiding in some concealed rooms behind a bookcase in the building where Anne’s father, Otto Frank, worked. From then until the family’s arrest by the Gestapo in August 1944,they lived in this small space and had to stay quiet or they would be detected and eventually were. Her diary should be read by all. May we all be as brave as this young girl.


March Comes In Like a Lion, But You Can Be a Satisfied “little piggy”…

March winds and April showers bring May flowers. Wait! Something has gone terribly wrong. It is the end of February and seems like monsoon season. Rain,rain, and more rain. Robyn is  one of those people that really can’t handle too many gloomy days. So what does she do? Turn on every light in the kitchen and cook. Fill up the house with good smells. On the menu today, “ Chicken Lickin’ Good “ Pork Chops. This is from the cookbook that came with her original Crockpot. Yes, she still has  it and prefers it to a newer model. What to serve with these yummy chops? Her favorite sides are mashed potatoes, green beans, and Waldorf salad. Yummmmy!!


So, the crock pot is on, the kitchen is cleaned up, time for a break. Grab a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. Drop one of these balls in a cup of milk, microwave, and you have hot rich cocoa. Is it too early to make this an adult beverage? Nah. Might I suggest a shot of Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey. Robyn took this on a recent trip to West Virginia and a stopover in Bardstown KY to see Scarlett. All the ladies loved it! More on that later.

Make-Ahead Hot Chocolate

Makes 10 chocolate balls for 10 servings

2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

1 cup of heavy cream

¼  teaspoon of salt

¼ cup of cocoa

¼ cup powdered sugar

Microwave chocolate chips, cream, and salt in a large bowl, stirring occasionally, until smooth, about 2 minutes. Refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. Working with 3 tablespoons of chilled chocolate mixture at a time, roll into 2 inch diameter balls. Combine cocoa and powdered sugar. Roll balls in this mixture to coat. Place in a Ziplock bag. Balls can be refrigerated for 5 days or frozen for up to 2 months.

To make 1 cup of hot chocolate: Place one chocolate ball and 1 cup of milk in a microwaveable mug. Microwave, stirring occasionally, until smooth, about 2 minutes.

hot chocolate balls

An Apple A Day…

Robyn just went back to Alabama after a whirlwind week in Bardstown, KY at Scarlett’s house. She has been officially adopted by Scarlett’s gal pals and being encouraged to move back to Kentucky! During her visit, the two got serious about a new whiskey (Skrewball)…they experimented with the peanut flavored libation straight and loved it. It got their creative minds going and many adult beverages were experimented with…these recipes are soon to follow. However, this insertion will be all about apples. While Robyn was here, the girls caught up with an old friend from Newcomers Louisville and enjoyed a long lunch at Mammy’s and a story about apples. Here is her story…

The calendar said Fall but here in the South, we were still having record high temperatures. I’m talking high 90’s. Also, it seemed as if the whole U.S. had gone pumpkin crazy. Everything from lattes to SPAM! You name it they have it in pumpkin.

At this time of year, Robyn’s thoughts turn elsewhere. Apples. She lived a while in Michigan. Did you know that the state is the No. 3 producer of apples in the U.S. ?

Amazed on her first visit to a local produce market to find 24 different varieties of apples available. How had she lived without this? In the fall, a short drive outside of town to the orchards will have you eating doughnuts and hot cider. Robyn was also lucky to take a spin in her neighbor’s single engine plane over the orchards. The geometric layout was beautiful.

Apples also bring memories of Louisville. Attending a weekly stitchery group where you were encouraged to bring whatever you were working on and enjoy the coffee and conversation. One week, we arrived to find that our hostess had made a dried apple wreath. Everyone loved it! It was soon decided that we would all dry our apples and bring everything the following week to assemble together.

The first step to drying is to slice off the sides of the apples. Then, all your slices for drying will be lovely heart shaped with the seeds in the middle. What to do with all those sides you cut off? Apple Bread of course. It is a fragrant moist bread. It was enjoyed by all. We assembled our wreaths and no two were alike.


apple wreathapple breadIMG_0026

Techy Thoroughbroads cont’d

As we stated in our last entry, Robyn and Scarlett have mastered Messenger and Facebook pretty well but other devices not so much. Robyn texted Scarlett of how she had just poured windshield wiper fluid in the wrong container under the hood of her car and it would not start. She asked her if her husband could respond back what she should do. Scarlett, knowing that her husband answers everyone else’s calls and rarely hers, she advised Robyn to seek a neighbor’s help for it would late evening before he called back.

In the meantime, Scarlett let Robyn know that she had been working 3 hours trying to get her printer to connect with her computer to print out an advertiser’s contract to no avail. Being that they both are emotional eaters, Robyn made a big adult beverage and went to the hot tub while Scarlett baked a fruit tarte with intentions of eating the whole thing….ahhh misery loves company.

Here are the recipes:

Fruit Tarte

grab a pre-made pie crust and let it thaw on the counter until pliable. Then place in a vintage pie plate and let it hang over the edges. Open a can of blueberry pie filling and a can of peach pie filling and pour the two into the pie shell spreading the mixture around to the sides evenly then add two pats of butter to the middle and fold the overhanging crust up and over the edges of the pie. Sprinkle the top with brown sugar and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, let chill then slice the pie and eat a piece or eat the whole darn thing depending on your frustration.

Pinky Shake Beverage

pour pink grapefruit into a chilled shaker add appropriate amount of vodka to kill the pain and shake. Now pour that delicious concoction into a plastic salt rimmed glass (remember you are going to a hot tub so no glass) and enjoy!

fruit tartindex