True Confessions

Robyn told Scarlett that she had a confession to make. She said,” I am a recipe collector and I have never made any of them. I think I should print a book titled, Recipes I Have Known & Loved but Never Made. “

Robyn says that this obsession started when she was quite young. The sweet tea & cornbread were stored in her head. The first recipe to come from a magazine was Frosty Strawberry Squares featured in the August 2020 story. Next came yeast rolls from home economics in school. A long distance relationship in high school yielded Snickerdoodles. These were lovingly baked & shipped as they were the guy’s favorite. At this point, Robyn started a binder.

Not everything made it to the binder. There are recipes from magazines, newspapers, & grocery stores. There are recipes scribbled on scraps of paper & the back of a checking account deposit slips. There was the subscription to Bon Appetit magazine started in 1976. All those issues from year after year. Not to mention the shelves of cookbooks from which not a single recipe has been used. Finally, Robyn gathered all these loose ends & stuffed them in a ziploc bag. Not ready to let them go just yet.

But then, something else happened. The INTERNET!! Soooo many recipes. So simple. Press a button & it magically goes to your printer. Can you imagine? She felt guilty for using so much paper. On a recent afternoon while waiting for cable repair & a conference call, Robyn gathered the pile of paper from atop her printer. She punched holes in it, sorted it into categories, & filled a 2 inch binder. She felt good. All those recipes corralled into one place. The master of her domain!

Lucky for you, Robyn is sharing a recipe she has made. When her Bardstown KY “besties” visited, it was strawberry season. So, she substituted strawberries in this recipe. You can tell by the hole punch that this one made it to the binder. The correct measurement for the berries is 12 ounces.

One More Confession

Among all the recipes on bits of paper, there is one that tugs on Robyn’s heart. Her grandmother’s pound cake. It was always Robyn’s favorite. Her grandmother made it from memory & did not have it written down. Robyn decided she needed to know how to make this delicious cake. She stood by her grandmother’s side as she mixed the cake writing down the ingredients & measurements. Robyn has never baked it. Why? She says she fears it will not be as good without her grandmother’s love. The memory is strong.