A Trip to Tuscany…in our mind

A new story from Robyn of Thoroughbroad fame, the recipe and more about the perfect dish for those hot summer evenings with an adult beverage and friends! Tuscan Chicken Dip…yummy.

Recently, a post from Stacy’s Pita Chips showed up on my Facebook feed. It was a contest for a dip. I thought that it might be fun. The first thing that came to mind was a pasta sauce recipe from my days with the Thoroughbroads. This sauce is always in my freezer but you will have to wait for our cookbook to learn more about that. So, I mulled it over thinking how best to get those flavors into a dip. Gathered my ingredients and set about creating. Got it done, placed it in a pretty dish, and snapped some photos. Then, I put it in the refrigerator to let the flavors mingle overnight. The next day I did some tasting and decided to tweak it a bit. Then, I wrote out the recipe and went to the website to submit my masterpiece. I thought I had a good chance because it was a little different. Only one problem, I missed the deadline!! Well, you just can’t rush that creative process. Friends enjoyed my labors and pronounced it delicious. Even worthy of an award. Hope you enjoy it too.

Tuscan Chicken Dip

2 T Olive oil

1 Boneless chicken breast, diced **

1 Mild Italian sausage link, diced

3 Slices prosciutto,diced

1/2c. Sun dried tomatoes, dice

1 T Basil

2 t Rosemary

1 t Sage,rubbed

1 t Garlic

16 oz Sour cream

8 oz Cream cheese, room temperature

Add olive oil to skillet and cook chicken breast until juices run clear. Remove from pan, let drain on paper towel, cut into a small dice, let cool, then measure 1c. Add diced sausage to skillet, cook till lightly browned, remove to paper towel to drain and cool. Add tomatoes, prosciutto, and herbs to skillet. Stir to combine and release the flavors of the dried herbs. Drain and cool on a paper towel. Place sour cream and cream cheese in a mixing bowl. Beat with mixer just to combine. Stir in all ingredients just till blended. Place in a container and refrigerate overnight. Serve with pita chips or your favorite cracker.

** Shortcut- Start with rotisserie chicken

Tuscan Chicken Dip