The “Thoroughbroads” were a group of women in Louisville, Kentucky who met through the organizations of Welcome Wagon and the Newcomers Club in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s. A few started getting together, outside of the club activities, to enjoy lunch at each other’s homes. Over time, they invited other worthy women to join in the fun of fabulous food and friendship on a Friday each month.

At the next gathering, copies of the recipes from the luncheon before were handed out and some of us made notations by the dishes as to whether we loved the dish or probably would not make it, along with small notations as to what we may have discussed or what we felt compelled to share with each other that day. The notes were just a way to help remember the event, enjoy a tip or remind us of the dishes we had enjoyed.

In 2017, one of the “broads” ran across a number of the old recipe pages in a box and contacted another gal pal in Alabama who had many of her copies as well. They started sharing memories from those luncheons on that phone call and were amazed at how much those lunches meant to each other at the time. Both determined these dishes along with the stories told at the table, the changes and events they all had endured and the support and genuine friendship the group gave each other, was a story worth sharing.

So here we are… teasing you with little tidbits as we venture to create a unique book that invites you to our table each month. Bon Appetite!




Robyn in 2021 lives in Montavallo, Alabama.
Scarlett in 2021 lives in Bardstown, Kentucky. That is 34 years after first meeting each other in “The Ville”.