A Thoroughbroad’s Road Trip

There is nothing like the tagline ” Bourbon Capital of the World” to bring a Thoroughbroad back to Kentucky and to Bardstown for a gal pal visit. Robyn’s 5oth high school reunion in West Virginia meant she could stop in Bardstown and visit Scarlett for a few days. It had been a couple of years since they had reconnected. This trip would be special, they had been bouncing around the idea of writing a book about the early days of the Thoroughbroads the last time they had seen each other…now they would get serious about the project.



Over Boozy Bourbon Milkshakes, at the newly opened Bottle & Bonds restaurant within the Bardstown Bourbon Distillery Co., their idea would come to fruition. Robyn sipped on the Banana Bourbon shake full of bananas, marshmallow cream and toasted mini marshmallows on top…it was not only yummy but a vision of deliciousness. Scarlett chose the Caramel Apple Pie concoction with swirls of caramel drizzled around the glass interior and green apple slices adorning the top. Top notch Bourbon and quality vanilla ice cream made them both smile at each other like they were 10 years old again.   Nothing like a great adult milkshake to get the memories flowing. And, the location stirred their creativity with it’s attention to detail in architecture, interiors, tablescape and their menu items. It was decided that the charcuterie for two would be their lunch as they drank their dessert first!



With a massive soaring glass entry, contemporary furnishings, elegant lighting, floor to ceiling open fireplace and living moss wall, the setting served as the perfect place to get their book details started. They exchanged coveted recipes from their gourmet gals events in the ’80’s. Robyn brought with her many that Scarlett did not have, for Robyn had remained in the group 3 years after Scarlett had gone back to work. Robyn had  moved to Flatwoods, West Virginia from Louisville but still attended the luncheons even though it was a 3 hour drive each month. She planned her hair color appointments with her Louisville stylist for the early mornings before the luncheons. Once you find the right hairstylist, you will follow them everywhere! And besides, that meant you looked great every time you enjoyed a Thoroughbroad get-together.

Within 3 evenings of staying up til 2 AM in Bardstown, blocks from My Old Kentucky Home, the girls had lost their voices, but the book plans were now in the works. Many other trips would be needed in order to compile the stories, share the fun, the dishes served, the recipes, artwork along with the photography they would need to complete it.  It would mean these two friends would see each other more often than they had since leaving Louisville.


As they parted with their list of “things to do” they hugged, cried a little and told each other “I love You.” and meant it. Parting was bittersweet, but knowing they had made a commitment to each other and the project, they left comforted in the knowledge that neither one would ever let the other get away from them again…never!

Robyn Robyn

Scarlett  Scarlett