first friday

laughingwelcome to a new adventure into how these women communicated needs, desires, ideas and challenges over a hosted lunch each month for 4 years. The actual dining experience was the catalyst for bringing us together to enjoy lively conversation that often became problem solving, a therapy session and/or mentoring one of the group. The content in this blog will include the recipes from the meal we enjoyed, the topics discussed, the women in attendance and the setting for each of our foodie fridays.

hope you enjoy

The Kentucky “Thorough-Broads”

Six women from cities (other than Louisville, Kentucky) meet in “the ‘ville” in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They become fast friends and enjoy a once a month Friday luncheon where they don’t solve the world and each other’s problems, but listen and give advice over a wonderful meal by their hostess. Thus, the “Thorough-Broads” prove that being an East end housewife has it’s challenges, but friendship support and good food can make memories that last a lifetime.