A Strawberry Shortcake Thoroughbroad…

A warm November in 1990 took us to Amy’s house for a fall lunch just before she moved to Pella, Iowa. We received the recipes she had used after she moved and she had written on them “ I’ll miss all of you!” and signed them with a smiley face with blonde curly hair. That was her signature then and how we remember her to this day.

Every time we make these dishes, we think of that afternoon and we smile back.

Her kitchen was full of all things strawberry. Strawberry kitchen towels, strawberry salt & pepper shakers, teapot, pot holders, placemats, napkins, canisters, and even kitchen curtains were in the theme of Strawberries. Funny how our dessert was made with peaches!

The only time we ever saw her upset was the day of the luncheon. She was aggravated with her daughter. She had been running around getting ready for our visit when her daughter said “Mom you have elephant knees.” Were they saggy like elephant skin, were they grey or were they just flabby?

Now as the Thoroughbroads have aged out in our 60s, we all have elephant knees as we get older! Once again Amy remains in our thoughts whenever we look down in the shower or up at our legs in the bath, as we all have elephant knees.

Thank God today we can wear crop pants, leggings, and slim jeans hiding them nicely.

The painting above is by Scarlett who has found her creative side once again. It is named “For the LOVE of Amy.”

Gala Tomato Punch recipe

Her Chutney Cheese Canapes were delicious…stand watch while they broil and don’t burn

Louisville’s La Peche was know for this soup!

This is the Peach dessert she served,,,not strawberries…we were shocked

Our main course

Testimonials for you to enjoy in 2023!

“I really like the way you blend the stories with the recipes. I suspect that Scarlett and Robyn are not the real names and one of them is named _____? I’m not much of a cookbook fan, though–I look up recipes on the Internet rather than in books, and when I read stories I prefer to just read the stories. That’s probably typical of a man. Although I’m not a typical man. Typical men don’t read and don’t cook, right? I admire your creativity!”   Warren a non fundamentalist

“I need to try the chocolate cake recipe!”   Alice from Alabama

“How much fun is all of this? So many nice touches & fun narrative.”   Marlyn from Alabama

AND A NOTE FROM ONE OF OUR LONG LOST (until now) Thoroughbroads in Georgia…we will plan a reunion!