Meet The Thoroughbroads


Madlyn came to Louisville with 4 young daughters and a husband with his own financial asset business. Well versed in homemaking skills and education, she was a consummate volunteer at the girl’s schools, served on the board of the local chapter of the March of Dimes and promoted strong friendships, grace and “girl power”. She was active in women’s groups and was a catalyst in developing our monthly luncheons. She was quite a seamstress, making most of the draperies in her traditional home, a great deal of the clothes she wore, and she quilted as well. With her keen sense of humor, she was a delight to be around.

She currently lives in the deep south of Georgia.


Robyn moved to Louisville after traveling with her husband on his career journey with a huge food manufacturer. It had required many moves throughout the US, so she was full of eclectic stories from the many diverse states they had lived in. With no children, she engaged in the arts and gardening along with participating in many activities within the community. A “serial learner”, she always found something to share with her gal pals and was our “go to” girl when we had questions or needed advice on something. Her home was more minimalist, due to the many moves, but was full of unique items she had picked up along their path to Kentucky.

She would later go back to school in Alabama for a degree in horticulture and currently resides there. She and Scarlett renewed their friendship in 2017 and are co-authors on this project.



Scarlett supported her husband in the move to Louisville, even though it would end her own career as a free-lance interior designer in Atlanta & Savannah. This was her first move away from Georgia. In fact, upon arriving in Louisville in search of a new home, she made the comment that she had no idea Louisville was “up North” (after seeing a sign on the highway directing drivers to Cincinnati). She was not aware it was only an hour up the road… oh dear… Yankees. Having no children, she spent her time remodeling the home they purchased and was active in a local newcomer club for her social engagements. She was an avid collector of antiques and creative arts and helped in running many of the newcomer’s events in Louisville.

She would remarry and move to a “bedroom community” of Louisville, Bardstown, KY which is the Bourbon Capital of the World so, she and Robyn would stay life-long drinking friends. She is co-author of this endeavor.



Amy was Miss Sunshine. She always smiled and was the epitome of taking all things in stride. She had moved to “the Ville” and found a contemporary country home with some land where she could be a little away from the city. With animals abounding outside, it was a true getaway from city life, even if it was only 20 minutes from town. We loved gathering at her home because it was full of outdoor light. She was the queen of bringing the “outside in” and her home reflected that feeling. Funny… because her husband was in the window business…pardon the pun. Amy, her house and her cooking all reflected that outdoorsy lifestyle.

She actually moved from Louisville to Pella, Iowa (the window capital of the world)  and we lost touch with her.


Kristen was a talented artist who had moved from North Carolina to Louisville with her husband and two children. He was the manager of a new golf course in town and worked many hours, due to its popularity. It was a very famous celebrity pro-golfer’s course and over the years it would host many well-known championships featured on television including the Ryder Cup . She participated in a great deal of the entertaining at the course. With her kids in school, she had free time to discover more of her talents. Cooking turned out to be one of those we got to enjoy, for her dishes were always popular and we loved coming to her home full of creativity. Kristen was a quality artist, her paintings and sketches were wonderful and we always wished she would help us develop our artistic side.

Kristin still lives in “the Ville” and the golf course ( Valhalla) is worldly known for hosting many PGA tourneys.


J.J. lived in one of the up and coming new subdivisions on the outskirts of downtown. She was busy with a number of activities where she had met many new Louisvillians. She played golf frequently and her interests wrapped around an active lifestyle. She enjoyed cooking easy simple dishes and stayed thin with healthy selections and staying active.

This healthy eating thing was new to most of us at the time. Who knew it would become a way of life for us all, knowing where your food comes from, wanting organic grown veggies and non steroid meats, watching food channels with chefs using fresh items, growing their own herbs on the roof tops or behind their restaurants. Now we know we should have followed her path.

Louisville has become a Mecca for young chefs with new ideas and currently is listed as a Top 10 Foodie Destination. She was ahead of her time and we did not appreciate it… some of us have felt guilty that we would leave her house hungry and stop to get a fast food burger on the ride home. J.J.,  we should have listened to you and been more aware of what goes in your mouth shows up in your backside later in life. In the 80’s we were young…not so much anymore.

We lost track of J.J. but are sure she is healthier than the rest of us and her golf game is still on point.


Robyn & Scarlett pin the stories you read about here. They have remained great friends and stay in contact with each other and have built additional “Gal Pal”connections over the years. We will add a few of those pics from time to time here…names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Robyn below is pictured in Africa on vacation while Scarlett is in Bardstown, KY…one of us is having way more fun than the other…just sayin’.




Deb & Lark  The Co-authors at the famous historic Chapeze House (Kentucky’s Bourbon House) in Bardstown, KY for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal 2019 as guests of Colonel Mike and Margaret Sue Masters.