The Pumpkin Pie Trilogy…

As we come to the end of the infamous “RONA” Thanksgiving, we want to look back to the turkey days of sharing a great meal with family and friends and when hugging was something we all took for granted.

As Scarlett made her popular pumpkin pies the year of the COVID 19 virus restrictions, she pulled out a Folk Art painting she had done in art class in 2009. When she had it framed, she decided to add her famous pumpkin pie recipe..which she had kept secret for many years from all those that asked for it. She would finally come clean and let others know it was the recipe on the Libby’s can of pumpkin..only she added a little maple syrup and a little brown sugar to the recipe (just a little).

There the secret is out!

Robyn supplied the picture of how you are really supposed to eat a slice of pumpkin pie…we all agree! So toast to the Thanksgiving of 2020 that has taught us all what we really have to be thankful for…our loved ones and the memories of past turkey days.

Stay safe and pray this pandemic is over real soon.