We Have Come A Long Way…Baby

In gathering creatives for this new blog, we came across some great vintage cookbook covers we wanted to share with you. My, how cooking and marketing has changed! Enjoy a few we found funny or eye opening and feel free to share a few of your finds as well.

A great idea for a family chef is to gather their favorite recipes and have them bound in a cookbook just for them or for passing on down to the family. My dad did just that for my mother – the ultimate in collecting recipes…He wanted to name it “Recipes I know And Love, But Have Never Tried”, for we ate the same routine menu every week…if it was Tuesday we had Italian, Friday was steak, Sunday Fried Chicken… you get the scenario. Her cookbook is 2 inches thick bound in red, her favorite color, and was passed down to me in 2014. I cherish it and when I cook from it I laugh at the name it should have had for it was truthful.


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