With Age Comes Wisdom

Two years ago, Robyn and Scarlett found a peanut butter Bourbon by the name of Skrewball. Scarlett tried it and loved the unique taste so when Robyn came to visit her in Kentucky, she shared it with her to see if she liked it as much as she did. Her reaction was the same…they both loved the flavor.

Since Robyn’s visit was a little longer than most, she suggested that they experiment with making some unique cocktails with this new find. One drink after another and they were able to create two outstanding ones that they thought were worthy of sharing with others. And, they were worth naming.

One used chocolate syrup drizzled on the inside of a large glass and rimmed with a sweetened graham cracker crusting. The peanut butter Bourbon was mixed with a smidgeon of marshmallow fluff until the concoction was creamy then poured into the glass and a big toasted marshmallow was used as a garnish on the top of the beverage. It was named “Smore 4 me”. While on a good run, they created another they called “Elvis Has Left the Building”

It consisted of emulsifying a ripe banana in a blender with 2 jiggers of the peanut butter Bourbon and served in a chilled rocks glass with a large ice cube ( so it would not melt down quickly and water the drink down, which proved to be no problem since it was gulped down it was so good). The word “Yummy” came to mind quickly!

Robyn and Scarlett started following this product on social media and noticed all of the individuals used in the company’s social media campaigns were 30-ish. Here they were pushing 70 and could not believe their demographic was not being promoted as customers as well. They took it upon themselves to let the company know how much they loved this Bourbon and even shared pictures and recipes of their concoctions with hopes they might enlighten the company’s marketing guru that they were leaving several potential customers out of the loop. Guess what? No response.

It did not deter the two over-30 gals in their efforts to continue to enjoy the product. Robyn even made chocolate truffles made with the peanut butter Bourbon as gifts at Christmas that year and they were delicious. She even took a beautiful picture all staged with a snowman with fake snow and sent it in with no recipe this time. Still no response!

Currently, there are other peanut butter Bourbons on the market. We can only hope that those companies may recognize that women of all ages are possible customers and their marketing should reflect that. Research shows that women are making a huge surge into the Bourbon market. There are Bourbon associations for women only and there are many Master Distillers of Bourbon that are women, along with a number of female authors publishing books on the subject in recent years.

Scarlett lives in the Bourbon Capital of the World, Bardstown, Kentucky and she should know since she has been a follower and promoter of America’s Native Spirit for over 29 years. She has encouraged tourists, clients, and friends to become aware of this historic elixir and the new distilleries that are opening all over, not only in Kentucky, but all over America.

So try out the various types of Bourbon now available and share your thoughts with others as they have today with you. And know that with age comes wisdom that is not always appreciated by some, and that is a shame.

“Smore 4 Me” and “Elvis Has Left The Building” are both pictured here…text us here for recipes.

Gold Dusted Truffle picture we sent to the peanut butter Skrewball Bourbon company. How could they not love this shot? Robyn will not share this recipe and we don’t blame her.

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