Commiserating Te-Kill-Ya Punch

The “Thoroughbroads” experienced major life-changing events over the years as they met monthly for luncheons in Louisville. Divorces, illnesses, career changes, family crises, and such were shared over a delightful meal, tasty libation, and camaraderie. Women usually want someone to listen to them…not just hear them. We need to share our stories. It helps us to sort things out, make personal decisions, and to heal. We are not always looking for someone to solve the problem, but to show compassion, which will shore us up to meet the issue head-on and find our solutions.

For the “Broads” the meals we eat, the adult beverages we enjoy, and the setting for the get-together are just part of the big picture. The comfort of exposing your inner issues, thoughts, needs, or successes to true friends is comfort enough. Of course, if the issue is large enough, true comrades will stand with you or fight along with you if need be.

Now don’t for a minute think the gals in this group were perfect listeners. Some of us would share an opinion about your dilemma and not all of us would agree. And some of us would just listen and then get on the phone to that “special broad in the group” and maybe say something like, ” WHHHAAATTT???” But that is just normal when you have a group of gal pals together. We tend to gather all of the details and info like the large opening of a funnel and then let it drip down smaller and smaller until we find a resolution we can live with. But, sometimes that drilling down requires a gal to call a bestie in the group and express her shock just to get it out of her system.

I am happy to report that in this group of “Broads”; it always came down to supporting one another. Whether we were on board with the person’s final decision or not, we were on her shoulders…and that was always enough.

Commiserating “Te-kill-ya” Punch Recipe

Based on one of Martha Stewart’s Tequila punches

Watch yourself it can be truth serum!


16 ounces of Jose Cuervo Gold

 ¼ cup Cassis

 ¼ cup fresh lime juice

24 ounces of a ginger beer

12 ounces of Club Soda

Thinly sliced lime slices to use in an ice ring to keep the punch cold

*Margarita salt for rimming the glasses

*Lime peel curl for garnish

Stir all ingredients together in a 4-quart punch bowl then add the ice ring and garnish. **Be sure to temper the punch bowl first with cold water…if you pour super cold or hot liquid into a leaded glass it can crack! Saw this happen at an event with a borrowed antique Waterford lead crystal punch bowl …not good!

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