Socials vs Social Media…

Spending a couple of months away from home this fall and caring for a friend recovering from hard surgery, Scarlett found herself without internet. This dilemma was due to the rural environment her friend lives in, having a farm an hour and a half from Atlanta.

Armed with a cell phone and laptop, there was little value to both. Since this friend is an avid reader and naturalist, there was no TV. Being non-connected to much outside of the farm has its perks. But adjusting to everyday electronic connections that we take for granted can throw you off your game! Robyn and other gal pals back home were difficult to be in touch with. A letter-writing campaign and an occasional text limited her weekly if not daily contact. It made her realize the value of good friends socializing in person, as opposed to FaceTiming, Zooming, or Facebooking each other. Three of the gal pals decided to bring letter-writing back. 

Getting a new letter from your mailbox and sitting down with a cup of coffee or tea brings friends closer when you are far away. This is unlike the quick short electronic text bites we take for granted. Not saying that we should replace social media with the written word, but rather a letter containing a few fall color leaves for the girl in South Florida, a small gift of a handmade bookmark for the avid reader, or a flat alphabet charm that can be hidden in a letter for a friend whose name starts with a ‘B’, cannot be sent with an electronic text. Perusing the Thoroughbroads fall recipes, we find a few items Robin and Scarlett still make. We came across Scarlett’s mother’s gouda pimento cheese and her crackers, along with Robin’s big chili recipe.

Enjoy them this October and sit down and write that letter to a friend, maybe include a handwritten favorite Fall recipe for them as we are sharing ours with you today!

As we post this, we are in Alabama in the small half bath below the staircase under a TORNADO WATCH!!! We like all smart Thoroughbroads are prepared!

Crack Crackers

1 package of club crackers

1 package dry ranch dressing mix

3 tablespoons melted butter

Mix the dressing with the butter. Pour over crackers on a cookie sheet, making sure the ranch seasoning and butter get on both sides of each cracker. Place these in an oven at 350 degrees, and bake for 5 minutes. Let them cool before serving.

(You can add chocolate chips on top while they are hot for a Christmas version, or add a butter and brown sugar topping for another exciting holiday favorite!)

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