Halloween served with Hallo-tini-slushes…

With the October air, crisp and filled with the scent of wood burning in the neighborhood fire pits. A plan was put into place for an adventurous couples’ dinner at Madlyn’s house. We would pre-celebrate Halloween in grand style, for a delightful surprise was in store for us.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our host couple and presented our first liquor beverage, a “Hallow-tini” (the recipe is provided). We then were ushered into the dining room full of giant spiders on a cob web climbing down one of the walls, the centerpiece was a spooky looking spider web covered chandelier with black candle wax dripped down to the tablecloth where black and white menus were placed at each seat. The menu stated there would be 4 separate courses and a list of items was provided with instructions to choose 3 for each course. We were encouraged to fill in the blanks on the menu, put our name on it and turn it in to our hostess. The fun had just begun.

(The menu provided here below)

As you can see, the menu was quite creative and we would have no idea what we had ordered. We did not notice there were no place settings…no silverware, napkins, plate, and that would prove to make the event even more fun. Our selections came out one by one, and that is when this Halloween dinner had us howling like wolves in laughter. One husband had ordered a knife, a napkin and a bowl of soup, another guest was presented mashed potatoes, a sheet of tin foil and a can of Ready Whip, while another received a beautifully cooked medium rare pepper corned steak, a glass of water and a slice of lemon…no plate or utensil. We watched one by one receive their meals and then try to figure out they would eat them. Sure, it was easy to pick up a bowl of soup and slurp it from the vessel and certainly you have picked up a steak with your hands and eaten it like a caveman some time in your life, but the most ingenious was the gentleman who fashioned a spoon out of the tin foil to eat his mashed potatoes and then claim the Ready Whip as his dessert and squirted it directly into his mouth smackin’ the whole time.

Once we had finished that course, all and we mean ALL utensils, plates, napkin or whatever homemade silverware were removed, under great resistance, so we would have to start fresh with the next course. As more “Hallow-tinis” were served along with additional courses, the evening became more and more fun. Many of us started buying or trading items from each other so we could eat the delicious dinner. Our hostess let us get as creative as we wanted to get. When the toilet paper came out of the bathroom to be used as napkins, instead of the tablecloth, and the candles from the chandelier above were removed and carved into utensils with a concealed pocket knife, Madlyn congratulated us on our creativity…of course the “Hallo-tinis” helped inspire the fun.

As we enjoyed the food, the adult beverages and the company, we had to say goodnight to the majority of the guests that had children at home, but those of us who were free for the evening enjoyed telling Halloween stories by the light of the first fall fire and enjoyed some of the Brandy left from our earlier drinks.

Ghoulish Good Time Menu

The words after the dots are for the chef and servers only to see..do not let your company see the real items..print only the spooky part for them to choose 3 for each course..be sure their names are on them as you collect them back so you can serve each the items they have selected each course.

A Witch’s Broom……………………………spoon

Children Of The Corn……….corn on cob

Spot of Blood………..red wine

Sprinkles of Nute……………..salt

A Devil’s tail………..fork

scorched hearts……………pears in brandy sauce flaming

Drops of Bat Dung………chocolate drops

Crunchy Boo Balls……………meat balls in sauce

Wings of Fleas……….mashed potatoes

Bloody Blades…………green beans with roasted peppers


Pounded Palms & smears……………..rolls w/ butter


Ferns & Frogs….…salad

Black Tar……coffee

Scalded Cat on Planks……..a baked chicken dish

Blackened Zombie……..pepper steak

Scarlett from the early years…which one is she?

Hallo-tini Slushies

add 1 ½ ounces of Bourbon to each glass for more enjoyment.

½ cup fresh lime juice (3 limes)

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice (2 lemons)

1/3 cup simple syrup

¾ cup frozen OJ thawed

½ cup frozen pineapple juice thawed

4 cups ice cubes all in a blender on high until mixture is smooth but slushy. Divide into 6 glasses top each with 1-2 oz of ginger ale and enjoy…you can garnish with a mint leaf or orange slice.

Robyn, our African adventurer, puts on her leopard skin and finds her animal friend in her earlier years.

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