Corny Cocktail…

CORN WHISKEY SOUR to celebrate the first day of SPRING!
Makes a mess….but sooooo worth it!

So, Robyn sent Scarlett a pic of her adult libation at the end of the first day of spring 2021. Celebrating her second vaccination coming this next week and Scarlett and her husband surviving COVID and getting their first shots this week was worth the effort it took to make this delicious drink!

March being Irish Whiskey month..she chose Bullitt Bourbon (one of the gals fave Bourbons) instead of the whiskey since Scarlett lives in the Bourbon Capital of the World – Bardstown, KY, it is only Kentucky Bourbon used for adult beverages. Well, there is that exception for Tequila…Margaritas you know, oh and Gin for Gin & Tonics, oh and Vodka for Cosmos, oh and Rum for Dark & Stormies…you get the picture of what a girl wants on a late spring evening.

The recipe is below..however, you may want to make these changes as Robyn found them to make a better drink.

“Place corn & whiskey in blender & process to get juice. Pour in sieve over bowl, press with back of spoon to get all the juice.

I added the Bourbon because it wasn’t processing well. Perhaps summer local corn will be more juicy. Also I used simple syrup instead of agave.”

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