Ending 2020 On A Good Note…

After “bubbling” in Kentucky for 2 weeks, Scarlett and husband visited Robyn in Alabama for Christmas 2020 to bring a bright light to the end of the worst year ever. While there, Robyn offered up a homemade mince meat pie, of which Scarlett’s husband had never eaten just because of its name. Well, he loved it and ended up eating ¾ of it.

Her recipe follows below.

While there, they noticed she wore a pin in her lapel that read “I hate fruitcake” every time she went out of the house. Wouldn’t you know it, a neighbor friend left a homemade fruitcake and a gingerbread cake on her front porch while she left for additional groceries mid week and she came back with a great story to tell her guests? It seems that Robyn spied the husband of the fruitcake friend in the produce aisle. Remembering that she had that pin on, she ducked behind anything she could find only to be spotted and approached by the husband all smiles and glad to see her. When he saw the pin he immediately said he was so sorry that they had left her a fruitcake…what could she do? She immediately recovered by saying “My gal pal is visiting me from Kentucky and she LOVES fruitcake.” which is a true statement. He was thrilled and said back one of the two lines everyone hears about fruitcake…”I don’t like fruitcake either.” or “Oh, you would love (fill in the name)’s fruitcake.” He responded with the second line.

Scarlett and her husband both laughed so hard they snorted and said they had to get her another pin for her right shoulder that stated “But my friend loves it!” Isn’t it funny how you never get away with expressing your opinion innocently? Scarlett and husband will be sending that holiday pin to Robyn as soon as they can get one printed. What a great memory to end 2020 with.

Robyn’s Mincemeat Pie

Heat oven to 425. Use Nonesuch Mince Meat pie filling available at Publix Grocery (seasonal so you may want to stock up). Use Pillsbury ready made crusts as directed as bottom and top crusts, place a few slits in the top crust and paint with an egg wash to brown and shine the top. Bake for 30 minutes.ENJOY with friends.

The infamous lapel pin.
The vintage pie plate the mincemeat pie was served on was Robyn’s mother in laws from the 60’s.
To a happier 2021..PLEASE!

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