Pickin’ Punkin’s

October in Louisville is just plain lovely. The many varieties of trees (especially the Maples) are actually neon colored! Being an Atlanta girl Scarlett could not believe that Kentucky could be so beautiful in the Fall.

Everyone one from Louisville takes the annual 1 hour drive across the Ohio River to Starlight, Indiana to eat and shop at Huber’s Farm, Orchard & Winery when the pumpkins are ripe. You have to call ahead for reservations as it is packed because the food is soooo good! Served family style at big tables, big bowls of home grown veggies, ham, fried chicken and their famous fried biscuits with apple butter are just some of the favorites.

One October before Halloween, the Thoroughbroads took their annual trip along with another couple…Pat & Tony from Texas to enjoy the fun in the mid 1980’s. They all piled into Pat’s blue van (no seat belts and Scarlett and her husband in the back floor board as there was no seat belt law back then) and off they set out for the curvy road to Starlight. Going there was no problem but coming back became a laughable joy ride home. Scarlett’s husband started moaning and groaning from the floor board as we whirled our way around the curves on the way home. Upon interogation, we found he had eaten two entire baskets of fried biscuits with apple butter and drank at least 4 glasses of sweet tea along with an entire country meal with all the fixin’s while no one paid attention. Well, those biscuits with all that tea had become loaves of bread as they swelled up in his stomach! He wasn’t sick, but he thought we were going to have to take him to the hospital and get his stomach pumped because it was swelling up way over his belt. He looked like he had swallowed an entire car tire! It was hilarious and he learned a lesson…the lesson to share biscuits the following year. We all wondered why we did not have but one each and now we knew why. It was a lesson well learned.




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