Family Favorites…

While we are “social distancing” from everyone and having to do more cooking for our families like we did in the 80’s, we thought it would be a good time to share a quick story and some recipes from our Welcome Wagon & Newcomer Club Thoroughbroad gal pals.

Scarlett was president of the Louisville Welcome Wagon social group in 1989 & 1990. She loved this gathering of women who had been homemakers most of their lives. Having no children and a husband who traveled during the week, she had not done much cooking over the years living in Savannah … she and another friend basically had the same lifestyle, so they met out for dinner and drinks 4 nights a week. Aw the life. Moving to Louisville changed all of that.

Welcome Wagon came calling and she decided to give it a chance. Scarlett learned how to cook and was befriended by some members who happened to be GREAT cooks, entertained a great deal and therefore became a Thoroughbroad.

After her year as president was fulfilled, she was given a gift from the membership. At the time it was welcomed but she had no idea how many times it would be used after 1990! Louisville Stoneware was a popular local pottery that was found on a great number of Louisville tables, especially during Derby. This large platter has held many a main dish over the years and is treasured…always hand washed so as not to get chipped.


Robyn and Scarlett are providing the recipes from a “Hometown Favorite” luncheon where all members were invited to bring just that..a favorite dish from their favorite town they had lived in at one time.

Hope you all enjoy using them while we are quarantined…and send us your reviews, we would love to know your favorites!



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